blackford driving lessons

Saul – Blackford Edinburgh

Saul turned 17 in July, he was very excited about learning to drive in Edinburgh and lucky enough to have managed to buy a small car to set him up once he could drive. Saul lived in the Blackford area of Edinburgh which offered lots of challenging roads straight away during driving lessons. We started with a longer 3 hour lesson on Sauls birthday and after talking about the basics we had Saul starting and stopping and dealing with junctions and traffic lights we drove all around Morningside, Marchmont and Blackford on the first driving lesson. Saul did really well keeping up with the things we were talking about during lessons and was good at asking questions about different situations if he had any.

Saul was very lucky as he managed to find and book a theory test for a few weeks after his birthday, this was very exciting as finding theory tests at the moment is very difficult with the backlog after covid lockdowns. Saul did the revision he needed so he was fully prepared for his theory test and managed to pass it on his first attempt. Now we just needed to bring the driving together. Saul was lucky enough to be going out driving with his granddad regularly where he was getting to drive all over Edinburgh, this was helping bring things together very quickly as he was experiencing lots of different situations on the road.

After us trying a mock test we found out the small details that we needed to fine-tune, there wasn’t much at all so we started to look for test cancellations. Saul was lucky enough that after a few days of looking for driving tests in the Edinburgh area that one in Currie came up for 1 month after his birthday. We went out a couple more times and I was more than confident that Saul had everything he needed. He didn’t disappoint passing his driving test on his first attempt at the Currie test centre in Edinburgh. Well done.

Driving Lesson Videos

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