driving lessons in Edinburgh

Mia – West Linton

What a great way to end 2020 with Mia managing to have great success in her driving test, passing with no faults in Edinburgh! Mia was due to begin driving lessons the week the Covid -19 Lockdown started in March. It was such a shame as her lessons had been organised months in advance so we were all set to begin. When we finally managed to begin driving lessons at the end of August it was clear that Mia was going to be a very quick learner. Mia always did really well perfecting things in her driving and managed to get regular practice with her mum outwith driving lessons, this sped things up even more. Mia was really fortunate as she had managed to get a theory test booked which in September was actually impossible to find one to book. After successfully booking her theory test we got a driving test booked which unfortunately got cancelled this. This was because the driving examiner that was supposed to take Mia’s driving test in Edinburgh lived in an area which had its restrictions upped to tier 4. This was disappointing as we were ready to give the driving test a go. Mia managed to find a test cancellation for the 21st of December at 8 am. This is the shortest day of the year so it meant that the test was going to begin in darkness. This didn’t phase Mia though, not only did Mia pass she did it with no faults. What a great way to end 2020.