Driving Lessons Romannobridge

Billy – Romannobridge

Billy started driving lessons in the summer of 2013, living in Romannobrigdge we began getting used to driving on some of the many backroads around where Billy lived. These were perfect for getting used to starting and stopping with not to many things to distract him. Over the next few lessons, we drove from Ramannobridge though to Peebles where we could progress with a little more going on and including roundabouts and lots of meeting places.

In September Billy started university in Edinburgh where he moved into a flat where he then picked up driving lessons again once settled in at university.

It didn’t take Billy long at all to adapt to driving in Edinburgh he managed to use all the skills we had built from driving around the Romannobridge area and it wasn’t any time at all before he was an expert on Calder road and the other challenging features in the Currie area.

Billy sat his test and passed with ease meaning that when he finishes university he is ready to take to the road. Well done Billy.

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