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Independent Edinburgh Driving School

After training and successfully qualifying as a driving instructor with the AA Driving School in 2010 and working with them for 3 years, I decided to set up my own independent driving school in the Edinburgh area. The idea was that I could have control over my own ideas and teaching methods, aiming to then hopefully create the best driving lessons possible. I currently offer driving lessons on the southside of Edinburgh and surrounding areas. The full list of covered areas is available in the pricing section. Usually driving tests are set in the Edinburgh area.

The aims of the Angus Driving School

When delivering driving lessons I really aim to make it fun and professional, trying to get as much progression as we can out of each lesson. I completely understand that everyone learns at a different pace and people respond to different ways of instructing. I like to think that with over ten years of experience I will quickly be able to identify which method works best for you. This should help us progress quickly, but still be enjoyable and very satisfying.

Edinburgh Driving Instructor

Driving Lesson Goals

Learning to drive will change your life forever! The freedom that comes with it is never ending. You will no longer be limited to bus routes and timetables. Jobs, events and social activities will become so easy to attend that you will be able to do more in less time, making your life so much more efficient and enjoyable. I aim to not only help you achieve this new skill by passing your driving test, but also want you to feel safe and confident to use this new skill and drive wherever you need to or want to after passing.

Peebles Driving Test Route

Edinburgh Driving Lessons Videos

Over the years I have filmed many videos around the Edinburgh area. These include looking at various driving test routes and complicated sections of road where common mistakes often occur. Some people find they can use the videos to revise things that we have looked at already. They really help strengthen your knowledge and understanding. I feel that as long as you have a plan for your average situation, and a full understanding of how various sections of road work, then during a driving test even if you are nervous you will still have a plan to follow.

Kimmy – Kingsknowe Edinburgh

Kimmy – Kingsknowe Edinburgh

April 7, 2022

Burmaaa – Oxgangs Edinburgh

Burmaaa – Oxgangs Edinburgh

April 6, 2022

Lucy – West Linton

Lucy – West Linton

April 5, 2022

Ben – Straiton Edinburgh

Ben – Straiton Edinburgh

April 1, 2022

Driving Lesson Locations

I currently offer driving lessons on the south side of Edinburgh and surrounding areas which include: Penicuik, West Linton, Nine Mile Burn, Bilston, Roslin, Loanhead, Colinton, Currie, Wester Hailes, Morningside, Marchmont, Oxgangs, Bush, Swanston, Sighthill, Longstone, Craiglockhart, Buckstone, Merchiston, Polwarth, Bruntsfield, if you are unsure please get in touch and hopefully together we can get you on the road soon.

My Driving Qualifications

I am a fully qualified driving instructor which means that I have passed all three driving instructor exams. There are some driving instructors who have not finished their training but are carrying out driving lessons. You will be able to tell if this is the case by either asking them or having a look at what badge they display on their car. If they have a green octagon then they are a fully qualified driving instructor. If they have a pink triangle then they are currently still training. I am also really proud that currently I am graded with an A rating of instruction which was achieved at my last standards test. This is a test carried out regularly by the DVSA.

Driving Lessons Dreghorn

Learn from your mistakes

I am a big believer in learning from your mistakes. I think that you can only look at a book or listen to an explanation for so long. The car I use has dual controls so we will be able to keep everything very safe but also this will enable us to take on challenges and let you have a go at certain situations. This all leads to increased confidence and experience, which will dramatically increase your progression in learning.

Local Knowledge To Help With Your Edinburgh Driving Lessons

Having worked all over the City of Edinburgh in a previous career and carrying out driving lessons since 2010, my local knowledge about suitable estates and streets in Edinburgh to develop driving skills is extensive. I like to think that wherever you live I would be able to create a lesson plan very close to you that would suit exactly what we were aiming to achieve on that day. This would increase the learning time during the driving lesson.

I am always learning too

The great thing about everyone being unique and understanding things in different ways is that it makes me develop my explanations and instructions. Over the years there have been many things that I have slightly changed the way I word during driving lessons to try and make things as clear and easy to follow as possible.

Remembering how I found learning to drive

I regularly think about the first professional driving lesson I had when I was learning. I was really excited about it. It was booked with a big national driving school. Unfortunately it was so bad that it motivates me to deliver the complete opposite on driving lessons. I think about it regularly. No progress was made, the car was barely even switched on, it was a complete waste of money and time.

Peebles Driving Test Route
Edinburgh Currie Driving Test Classic Route 1 -2021-  All Manoeuvres

Edinburgh Currie Driving Test Classic Route 1 -2021- All Manoeuvres

September 28, 2021

Edinburgh Currie Driving Test Route 8 -2021-  Bus Lanes, Cycle Lanes You Drive In

Edinburgh Currie Driving Test Route 8 -2021- Bus Lanes, Cycle Lanes You Drive In

September 7, 2021

Currie Driving Test Route 7 -2021-Country Roads, Gogar Roundabout

Currie Driving Test Route 7 -2021-Country Roads, Gogar Roundabout

August 18, 2021

Edinburgh Driving Test Routes Currie Route – 6

Edinburgh Driving Test Routes Currie Route – 6

June 6, 2021