driving lessons Bonaly

Hannah Conquers Currie Test Centre on Her First Try

Hannah from the Bonaly area of Edinburgh recently embarked on her journey to obtain her driving license. With inspiration from her sister Megan, who had passed her test a few years ago, Hannah was determined to succeed. Living in Bonaly and having some initial driving experience with her dad, she had a solid foundation to build on.

Our first lesson was all about assessing Hannah’s current skills and setting the right pace for her learning. Hannah quickly picked up new techniques and integrated them into her driving. Soon, she was confidently navigating the Colinton area and beyond.

Hannah’s flexible schedule, due to her exam leave and transition out of school, allowed us to practice at various times of the day. This exposed her to different traffic conditions and scenarios, significantly enhancing her driving experience.

We progressed to mock driving tests after covering all essential aspects of driving. Hannah performed well, identifying a few areas for improvement. In the following weeks, we focused on these areas, building her confidence and readiness for the actual test.

With her driving test booked for early July, Hannah was well-prepared. Our final practice session in the Currie area set the stage for her big day. Walking into the waiting room at the Currie test centre I was confident in her abilities. When Hannah returned with a successful result, I was really happy and pleased to hear how well Hannah had done. She had passed her driving test on her first attempt, receiving compliments from the examiner.