Reverse Parking Explained in 45 Seconds – Edinburgh Driving Lessons

A quick video of me carrying out a reverse park manoeuvre. This is one of the manoeuvres you may be asked to carry out during your test.

You will have hopefully mastered it to a fairly consistent level with your driving instructor already. This should hopefully quickly recap the way it works.

Your driving instructor should have really emphasized that the key thing when carrying out any of the driving manoeuvres is that it is all about control and observation. So basically demonstrate to the driving examiner that you can reverse the car slowly, and you will always be looking regularly over both shoulders to check that the situation around you isn’t changing.

Remember if you were to make a mistake it doesn’t matter as long as you take your time and look around you can fix most things and still be successful in your driving test.

For the full version have a look at the video section of the website where I will explain each step. This is good as a recap if you can already do it and just want to quickly reassure yourself that you know everything.

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