Edinburgh Driving Test Route Currie Route – 6

One of Edinburgh driving test routes filmed at the Currie test centre. The video was filmed in 2021 and talks about all the changes that have happened since the second covid lockdown.

A number of cycle lanes have been added to the driving test area, speed limits have been changed in places and spaces for people to allow them to maintain social distancing has been added. I drive the full driving test route trying to explain everything as I am driving. I talk about common mistakes I find people often make during driving lessond.

The video talks about dealing with solid lines on the road,  filters at traffic lights, spiral roundabouts, stop junctions and a whole lot more. If you are sitting your driving test soon this should hopefully clear up a lot of things that you might have been thinking about.

If you haven’t driven around the area it would be good if you ask your driving instructor to take you past things like the 24-hour bus lane so you are familiar with it. Best of luck if you have your driving test coming up soon.

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