refresher driving lessons edinburgh

Georgia Longmoor – Bush Midlothian

Georgia got in touch about driving lessons at the very start of this year, she had previous driving experience as she had done a bit down in the Newcastle area. We started driving lessons in February, Georgia was familiar with parts of Edinburgh but the area where the driving tests tend to take place was new to her so we had a few things to look at. As time went on Georgia got better and noticeably more confident with her driving. Managing to get some practice in between driving lessons helped a lot. Georgia was driving from the Leith side of Edinburgh into her work at Bush a few times a week which was helping her progress very quickly. After covering everything and a bit of practice getting to grips with some of the unique things Edinburgh has to offer we decided to try a mock driving test to see how Georgia would handle the pressure. I was actually really impressed with the result of the mock driving test, we still had a few things to clear up but in general Georgia managed to deliver a really good drive. We managed to get a driving test booked for the end of April i Edinburgh and hopefully we would have everything sorted by then. Georgia started watching the videos on my website for extra revision and managed to drive around the Currie area of Edinburgh a few times with her boyfriend all this extra practice and dedication was brilliant. On the day of the driving test I collected Georgia from her work at the Bush and we headed into Edinburgh. Georgia was nervous but I was extremely confident in her ability and just hoped she would get into it once the driving test began. As she left the test centre with her examiner I wished her luck and now had to wait for 40 mins to see how she had got on. Georgia had done so well passing her driving test with only 1 driving fault which was incredible! I was so happy for her as she had worked very hard and stayed focused and determined throughout all the driving lessons we did. Well done.