driving instructors in colinton edinburgh

Hilary – Colinton Edinburgh

Hilary got in touch to arrange driving lessons earlier this year. I had had the pleasure of going out driving with her brother Findlay a few years previously. He had done really well when learning to drive managing to pass his driving test on his first attempt. So we were going to try and follow in his footsteps. Hilary had started driving lessons last year with another driving instructor but needed to stop due to an operation which prevented her from continuing driving at the time. Hilary had a busy schedule as she was part of the Scottish basketball team which had lots of training and travelling to various countries for games. We managed to fit driving lessons around this though. After a few times of going out, Hilary was doing really well building on previous skills that she already had and perfecting new ones. After successfully passing her theory test Hilary and I discussed that we should try and line up a driving test for the end of June as we thought we would be ready and Hilary would also be available at this time. The week before her driving test Hilary was away in Malaysia with her basketball team so was slightly jetlagged a few days before her test. I was confident that on the day she would be able to stay focused and show the examiner what we had been practising. I wasn’t wrong Hilary followed in her brother Findlay’s steps passing her driving test on her first attempt in Edinburgh at the Currie driving test centre. Well done.