Driving Video About The Edinburgh Bypass

A guide on how to how to join the Edinburgh City Bypass, this video briefly explains what to expect when joining, how to go about it and shows an example. The main thing with joining using a slip road is adjusting your speed to the correct level. The simplest way to think about it is that you want to arrive at the same speed the traffic is currently already driving at on the bypass or motorway.

After a little practice, you will just get smoother and smoother at doing it.

On of The big fears and makes, people nervous about driving on the bypass is what is there isn’t a space to join. Well is that’s the case the bypass will be full so everything will be moving slowly and it will just be a case of someone letting you on.

Big thanks to Yolli the driver who helped me make this video, she managed to pass her driving test at Currie in Edinburgh first time.

I am a driving instructor based in Carlops just outside Edinburgh and teach in Edinburgh, West Linton, Peebles and surrounding areas for more information please look at

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