Edinburgh driving lessons

Lesley – Edinburgh

Lesley got in touch about learning to drive at the beginning of the summer. She had been driving with her partner and also had a motorcycle which she rode regularly. This meant she was used to the road and good at working out the average situation on the road ahead. Normally when people are learning to drive this is the bit that takes time as they aren’t as good at predicting things that are developing ahead.

After running through everything and trying a few mock driving tests it was time for Lesley to give the driving test a go. The mock tests really helped as we could put a little pressure on Lesley to see if she had any habits in her driving that happened when under exam-like conditions. During the driving test, you are allowed to make fifteen mistakes, however, you are not allowed to make the same mistake more than three times. This meant we could make sure no nervous habits existed.

We managed to get a test booked for the beginning of November ahead of the new test beginning. I was delighted as she passed with no problem at all. Well done.

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