Lorraine - Polwarth, Edinburgh

Lorraine – Polwarth Edinburgh

Lorraine runs her own business, Waggy Walks Edinburgh, which involves walking and visiting cats and dogs around her area. She has been very successful over the last few years and decided that with a driving licence she could then buy a van and use this to improve her business. This would mean that she could transport dogs to suitable locations for walks and make everything a lot more efficient as she would be able to get around her area a lot faster.

Lorraine had never driven before so after learning all the basics. We started to really advance things using Morningside in Edinburgh to develop a lot of her road skills. This is a great area for Learners to drive once they have the basics mastered as there is so much anticipation and planning required to drive it smoothly.

After perfecting the busy Morningside traffic in Edinburgh it was time to start to look at the Currie test centre area in Edinburgh.

Lorraine passed her test first time and was so excited about what this would mean for her business and future – well done!

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