Ratho Country Roads – Edinburgh Currie Driving Test Route With Instructor

This video looks at another route used in the Currie area in Edinburgh. The driving test route loops out towards Edinburgh Airport, along to Ratho Station then loops back to Ratho and from there back to the driving test centre itself. In this video I look at what you have probably already covered during driving lessons in Edinburgh with your instructor. It is good to revise and be familiar with some of the things that might pop up getting you prepared as best you can be for test day. I have driven around the driving test route trying to explain the common things that sometimes catch people out. Hopefully it’s helpful and if you haven’t looked at this route or similar ones its an idea to ask your driving instructor if you can practice some sort of country roads. The key thing is that you always want to be driving at a speed that you can stop smoothly within the distance you can see.