Reverse/ Parallel Park Step By Step Video Guide

In this short video I look at a quick guide to reverse parking. I try to go through a step by step guide, explaining everything about the manoeuvre and what you need to know in regard the uk driving test.

Then at the end of the video I do it in one movement as you will learn through practice the examiner will be very happy with this but you can stop during it if you feel more confident doing so. Hopefully the video has the key points and covers common mistakes people make during the manoeuvre. The video should  enable you to practice and master this bit of reversing so come the day of the driving test you have no problems.

If the manoeuvre goes wrong  for example ,you end up going too close to the kerb, or end up swinging your car round too far away from the kerb. Dont worry you can pull forwards to fix it, just make sure before you pull the car forwards that you check around most importantly over your right shoulder into the blind spot. Failure to do so could be a disaster if someone is coming along the road you pull forwards into the same area.

Hopefully this video helps with your understanding, practice is key and if you can keep trying it over and over again then it will become natural and come the day of your driving test it will be very automatic.