Balerno Driving Lessons

Ellie started driving lessons at the end of Summer 2020, she had turned 17 during the tail end of the first covid lockdown. We began driving lessons as soon as I had space and having never driven before Ellie was starting from the very beginning.

Living in Balerno Ellie was very lucky that a high percentage of the Currie driving test routes were actually in areas that she was very familiar with. After we had carried out a few driving lessons Ellie mastered the basics of driving. She then began driving with her dad, this really sped things up as she could continue developing a lot of the skills that we had looked at in between driving lessons.

We were starting to make huge progress during lessons. We had the thought that we would schedule a driving test for January 2021, however shortly after booking this it was announced that Scotland was going to be going into a second lockdown. This lockdown went on for longer than we thought but Ellie stayed organised and got to drive a little with her dad to keep the practice up. As soon as it was announced that driving lessons were going to resume Ellie started looking for a test. She managed to book a test for a few days after driving tests resumed in Scotland. This was great.

On the week of the driving test, Ellie scheduled a couple of extra driving lessons where we fine-tuned a few things and then hopefully were fully prepared. Ellie did really well on the day passing her driving test on her first attempt. She is lucky enough to have her own car so can now come and go from Balerno when she pleases. Well done.

Some Videos To Help With The Driving Test

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