Buckstone Learn to drive

The Benefits of Early Driving Lessons in Edinburgh

Phoebe started her driving lessons at the beginning of 2024, bringing some foundational skills from her past driving experiences. Living in the Buckstone area of Edinburgh, we found a convenient time slot for her lessons: 7:00-8:30 am before her work. This early schedule was perfect as the traffic in Edinburgh is relatively light at 7 am, giving us the opportunity to make significant progress before the roads became busier.

After a few lessons, Phoebe began practising outside of our sessions, which noticeably improved her driving skills. She became smoother and more natural behind the wheel, and her confidence grew with each week. With her theory test completed, we were ready to book her driving test as soon as she felt prepared.

We worked towards this goal by conducting a mock driving test and identifying areas for improvement. With a clear plan in place, Phoebe booked her driving test, aligning it with our timeline for optimal preparation. As the test date approached, Phoebe steadily addressed and resolved the minor issues we had identified.

Today, I collected Phoebe for her driving test. Despite her nerves, I was confident in her abilities. After watching her leave the test centre, I awaited her return. I was thrilled to hear that she had passed on her first attempt at the Currie test centre. Now, Phoebe has the freedom to drive from Buckstone whenever she pleases. Well done, Phoebe!