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Sinead Passes Her Driving Test with Flying Colours

Sinead, who stayed in the Merchiston area of Edinburgh, got in touch about resuming her driving lessons. She had already worked with a few driving instructors but faced various interruptions along the way. The coronavirus pandemic caused significant disruptions, and later, her instructor moved away before she was ready to sit her driving test.

When she started lessons with me, Sinead already had a foundation of driving skills to build on. During our first lesson, we assessed her current level, identifying areas for development and recognising her strengths. With many great skills already, we devised a plan to prioritize her development and move forward from there.

Sinead did exceptionally well in each lesson. She was always enthusiastic and took notes about things she needed to focus on. In addition to our weekly lessons, Sinead watched some of my YouTube videos, which served as extra revision and noticeably complemented her progress.

After addressing the obvious issues and ensuring Sinead was comfortable with everything, we conducted a mock driving test. This provided her with a clear idea of the test’s requirements and highlighted areas needing improvement. Sinead performed well in the mock test, and while we had some areas to fix, it was a significant step towards her goal.

We worked diligently on developing her skills and revisited mock tests until Sinead felt very confident and wouldn’t get flustered by minor mistakes. Her progress in the weeks leading up to the driving test was impressive.

With the test booked for early July, Sinead was ready. Despite her nerves, she knew she could succeed. We conducted a final practice session on the day of the test before arriving at the test centre. I watched as Sinead left with the examiner, and after a short wait, she returned with the fantastic news that she had passed on her very first attempt. Well done, Sinead!