Edinburgh driving lessons

Caitlin – Penicuik Midlothian

Caitlin started driving lessons at the start of the summer in 2016. Having never driven before Caitlin was very excited but also a little nervous about getting behind the wheel and learning this new skill. I drove us just out to the edge of Penicuik, and we started on the back road towards West Linton. While going along this quiet back road Caitlin managed to get the hang of stopping and starting and practice at changing through the gears. We soon ran out of road so had to turn down towards Carlops and head back into Penicuik. Hopefully by the time we got to Penicuik Caitlin would have enough skills to deal with junctions and pedestrian crossings. Together we managed to discuss and deal with everything that lay ahead. For the next few driving lessons, we stuck to the Penicuik area making sure that Caitlin got the hang of the fine details, after each driving lesson it was exciting discussing what we had done as Caitlin was managing to progress regularly and didn’t seem nervous about the thought of whatever our next challenge was. We soon ventured out of Penicuik up into Edinburgh in search of bigger roundabouts and things like the city bypass which Caitlin was always very enthusiastic with discussing. After a few months, Caitlin started driving with her husband to get some extra practice which was excellent as she was getting to drive to all sorts of places. As the practice had picked up so had the level of skill Caitlin had so it was time to try a mock driving test and see how Caitlin would drive under pressure. I was actually surprised at how well she did under the pressure of a test environment. We managed to find a test date for January that suited both of us so it was exciting to have it booked as it would be here before we knew it. After a week of low sun in your eyes when driving, we were fortunate that on the day of Caitlin’s test it was a very dull overcast day, which is exactly what you want. Caitlin did so well managing to pass on her first attempt with only three faults. This will make a huge difference as Caitlin is in the process of changing jobs and also has family in Glasgow so can now visit whenever she wants. Well done Caitlin.