Edinburgh Driving Lessons

Catherine – Heriot-Watt Edinburgh

Catherine got in touch about learning to drive in Edinburgh after starting university in Edinburgh at Heriot-Watt. Catherine had been learning to drive in Skye where she is from but never managed sit the driving test before coming to study in Edinburgh. When we went out on our first driving lesson it was clear that Catherine had some great skills and we just needed to have a look at the features which existed in Edinburgh that Skye doesn’t have to offer such as multiple lane roundabouts. Catherine used the videos on my website to speed up her learning and was really getting the hang of driving around Edinburgh in no time at all. We brought everything together and carried out a mock driving test which Catherine did well with and understood any key points that she needed to focus on. We also had the challenge that Catherine was going to be sitting one of the new style driving tests which at the time was only a few weeks old so there were lots of things that we needed to think about. Catherine stayed at university for a few days after her final exams so that she could hopefully get her driving licence before returning up to Skye over Christmas. I was delighted to bring 2017 to a successful end with Catherine passing the new style test in time for her Christmas break well done.