driving in oxgangs

Caitlin’s driving journey from Oxgangs to Loanhead culminates in zero faults

Caitlin got in touch about learning to drive after having done a few driving lessons many years ago but not really enjoying them and never following up. This time, a few years on, she was ready to get in the driver’s seat and hopefully get her driving license. Living in the Oxgangs area of Edinburgh and working out at Loanhead, we scheduled to do a driving lesson before Caitlin’s work, starting at her flat in Oxgangs and finishing at her work in Loanhead. This meant an early start, beginning lessons at 6:45 am each week, but Caitlin was up for it.

In our first lesson, Caitlin did well, taking in all the new information I was telling her about the car and putting the skills into practice, really progressing well. In addition to the driving lessons, Caitlin was watching some of the YouTube videos I had made, and this was noticeable during the lessons as well. After Caitlin was feeling confident enough, she began practising with her partner, which also complemented her driving progress.

As the weeks went by, the progress remained steady, and we came up with a new plan each week of what we were going to set out to achieve. Caitlin was a perfectionist and was great at asking questions, making sure she understood everything we were doing. After carrying out a mock driving test and addressing the final things we needed to focus on, Caitlin managed to book a driving test for early July.

We still had a few weeks left until the test, and everything was more than on track. We discussed any areas Caitlin felt she needed to focus on, ensuring she was as confident as possible. On the day of the driving test, we carried out one more practice before arriving at the test centre. Caitlin drove very well, and I was really confident she would do great. Away she went with the examiner, and I awaited their return. Upon their return, the examiner announced that Caitlin had passed on her first attempt and, in addition, had done so with full marks—no faults recorded, delivering the perfect drive. What a great result. Well done, Caitlin!