driving instructor in Peebles

Jayden – Peebles – Scottish Borders

Jaydens mum got in touch in October 2020, she was looking for a driving instructor in Peebles that could get him on the road as soon as possible. I discussed with her that learning to drive in Peebles was very limited as a lot of features on the road don’t exist. There isn’t even a junction with traffic lights or anything to practice so the level of driving around Peebles isn’t as high as something like Edinburgh. I explained that although the Edinburgh area is harder than Peebles the end result frees you up to drive wherever you want. Jaydens mum thought this sounded like a good idea and we came up with a plan to carry out 3-hour driving lessons once a week. This would give us time to drive from the Peebles area into Edinburgh.

When we began driving lessons Jayden had already done a bit of driving with his mum and dad but hadn’t been out with a driving instructor, he had some great skills to build on. Jayden did really well with keeping up with anything we covered and was great at asking any questions to make sure that he fully understood different things. The 3-hour lessons flew by packing them with lots of different areas of driving.

Jayden was really lucky that he managed to get and book a theory test for the end of the year in 2020, these were really difficult to get due to the covid restrictions. I was really happy to hear that he had managed to sit and pass it without any problems. Now it was time to get the practical test booked. Unfortunately though just as we moved towards doing this a second lockdown was announced which shut down driving.

After the second covid lockdown lasting from January until the end of April for driving lessons things were back on. Jayden acted fast and managed to get a driving test booked in the Edinburgh area for the end of May. This was great news, we got back into lessons and went out a couple more times, we carried out a mock driving test which Jayden did really well with and we talked about a few things he needed to tighten up. Jayden did really well taking in these things and also used the videos I have on YouTube to consolidate things. I was really happy and confident on the run-up to his test that he would do well.

On the day of his driving test, I collected him and we headed from Peebles up to Edinburgh to give that driving test a go. I stood waiting for my car to return where I would also find out how Jayden had got on. I was absolutely delighted when he returned to find out that not only had he passed first time her had also done so with no faults!

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