Eddleston Driving Lessons

Chloe – Eddleston – Scottish Borders

Chloe got in touch about learning to drive after the first covid lockdown. Her schedule meant that she was free to go out driving on a Monday so that’s what we started doing regularly. Having done driving lessons in the past with other driving instructors, Chloe had a lot of skills that we just needed to build on. We discussed before we began that Edinburgh although it might be harder than learning in Peebles, the level that Chloe would achieve through driving lessons in Edinburgh would be so much higher.

Chloe agreed that Edinburgh sounded good for learning in. Living down in Eddleston learning to drive was going to make such a difference to her life, as she would have the freedom to come and go whenever she pleased. We worked hard carrying out weekly driving lessons and in between driving lessons Chloe practised with her partner fine-tuning things that we had done.

As we got towards the end of 2020 Chloe had her driving test booked for early January 2021 we were on track with only a few weeks to go which was very exciting. Then unfortunately the news that the whole of the UK was going to be going into a second lockdown for coronavirus was delivered. This unfortunately meant that we were not going to be able to sit the driving test until restrictions eased.

After patiently waiting until May 2021 it was announced that driving tests were back on. Chloe had hers rescheduled for Early May which was great. We went out a few weeks before to check Chloe still felt good with the driving which she did. Chloe was also very lucky as where she lived there are a lot of private roads which she could practice manoeuvring on. This really helped tighten things up for her.

On the day of the test, we headed into Edinburgh for one last final drive around I was really confident that Chloe was going to do well and she did not disappoint. Chloe passed on her first attempt in Edinburgh at the Currie test centre which now gives her the freedom to drive about from Eddelston whenever she likes. Well done.

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