driving instructor west linton

Rebecca – West Linton

Rebecca’s dad got in touch about driving lessons for Rebecca as he was looking for a driving instructor that could hopefully get her on the road soon. We started driving lessons just as she was starting her sixth year of high school. We had the goal to hopefully get everything done by the time Rebecca finished school. This would mean that everything was done before she headed away to university and would set her up for the future nicely.

On our first driving lesson, we headed from West Linton along the back road to Penicuik where we got the hang of the basic controls of the car. We went over stopping and starting, changing gears and how we would use the mirrors. Rebecca did well and before we knew it we were down in Penicuik adding to our challenges. After mastering junctions at a basic level we moved onto roundabouts, we headed into Edinburgh to get a good variety of these. I feel that people usually learn a lot faster in Edinburgh as situations repeat themselves a lot more.

Living in West Linton Rebecca had the choice of sitting her driving test either in Edinburgh or Peebles, we discussed that Edinburgh provided a much higher standard of driving and Rebecca agreed that a lot of the people in her school year that had passed in Peebles weren’t actually that great. So Edinburgh was decided as the place we would sit the driving test.

After successfully sitting and passing her theory test it was now time to work hard and get things ready for the practical test. Rebecca managed to find a test date for after she finished exams. We came up with a plan of what we needed to do between then and the date of her test and worked very hard on every lesson. In each lesson, we had a different thing that we were perfecting and fine-tuning. The progress we made was really good and we got to grips with some pretty complex bits of road in Edinburgh.

Test week was here before we knew it we had one lesson a few days before her test so that we could make some final preparations, we didn’t ease the pace of learning making sure that we ironed out the fine details. It was worth it. Not only did Rebecca pass on her first attempt she did it with no faults which is like passing an exam with a 100% score. Well done.