driving in-bruntsfield-edinburgh

Izzy – Bruntsfield Edinburgh

Izzy was the last out of her friend group to step up and try and pass her driving test. I had been the driving instructor for a few of her other student friends who had done well passing their driving tests on their first attempts. There was no reason as to why Izzy couldn’t do as well.

After a delay in finding a theory test due to coronavirus and a packed university schedule, Izzy finally sat and passed her theory test meaning we could book and focus on getting everything ready for her practical test. Izzy managed to line a test date which suited both of us it was for early July but we both had some time away planned so this was actually perfect. As the weeks past we altered what we were focusing on from week to week to ensure that Izzy was competent in all areas of driving.

Before we knew it the test day was here, I collected Izzy early at 0630am for her 8 am test this gave us time to warm up, arrive a the test centre and give it our best shot. Izzy was nervous but I was very confident that she could do it. I had every reason to be confident, Izzy passed her driving test on her first attempt. Well done, Izzy is now free to come and go from Bruntsfield whenever she likes.