olinton Edinburgh Driving Lessons

Findlay – Colinton Edinburgh

Findlay got in touch in November to enquire about driving lessons. During the summer he had been out driving with his mum and leant most things which was a great place for us to begin. All we needed to do was bring everything together for him and make sure that he felt confident and had a plan for the average situation that might arise on the road when out and about.

Before starting lessons Findlay explained that he already had a driving test booked at the Currie attest centre in Edinburgh for Mid- December. This gave us a deadline to have everything ready for.

After going out with Findlay I could see that he was extremely capable, taking anything we discussed and putting it into action straight away, he was really easy to teach and as a team, we cleared up a lot of small details which really fine-tuned Findlay’s driving. We carried out a mock test during the driving lessons then went on to correct any mistakes. With everything fixed up and ready to go it was time to see what would happen during the real test. Findlay passed his driving test first time with only one driving fault! The examiner told him that his drive had been excellent!

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