learning to drive in brunstfield

Navigating Edinburgh’s Roads with Confidence

Lola began her driving lessons in February of this year, starting from scratch with no prior experience behind the wheel. Residing in the busy Bruntsfield area of Edinburgh, Lola faced the challenge of navigating through bustling streets right from the beginning. To ease her into driving, I chose a nearby housing estate for our first lesson, where Lola quickly got to grips with the basics of starting and stopping the car.

Lola’s natural smoothness and quick learning were evident from the outset. After mastering the fundamentals, including clutch control and handling junctions, we took a lap around Morningside, a notably busy part of Edinburgh. This productive first lesson set the pace for our subsequent sessions, where Lola consistently progressed and tackled various challenging roads and roundabouts across the city.

Her enthusiasm and determination shone through in every lesson, and she quickly started practising with her parents between our weekly sessions. This additional practice significantly accelerated her learning curve. Despite her busy schedule, balancing college and a part-time job, Lola’s flexibility allowed her to fit in regular driving lessons, maintaining steady progress.

As summer approached, Lola was ready to book her driving test. With her theory test successfully passed, she set a test date for early July. Confident in her abilities and preparation, I knew she was ready. On the day of her test at the Currie test centre, Lola performed exceptionally well, passing on her first attempt.

Congratulations, Lola, on this remarkable achievement! Your dedication and hard work have truly paid off, and now you have the freedom to drive independently around Edinburgh and beyond. Well done!