Edinburgh driving lessons

Molly – Newington Edinburgh

Molly started driving lessons at the end of last year having never driven before. Molly was at university in Edinburgh and had some free time during the week so decided that hopefully learning to drive and passing before she finished university would set her up with her licence to take on whatever she did next. We headed to the Grange in Edinburgh for our first lesson where we tried to gain basic control of the car, and we could make the lesson as easy or as challenging as we wanted. Molly did really well taking in what we were talking about and developing her skills each time. After a few driving lessons, we were exploring lots of different areas of Edinburgh trying to keep Molly challenged. After a Christmas break when Molly went back home we resumed in January and really started to build momentum with the driving lessons. We carried out a mock test which actually brought a lot of things together and gave us focus on a few areas. Molly managed to pass her theory test and was well on her way to booking the practical so got a test lined up for a few days after her last exam. After going home for another few weeks and getting to drive with her dad, Molly returned to Edinburgh, and there was a noticeable improvement in how smooth and flowing her driving had become. I was excited about how well she could do on the day of her test. On the day of the driving test, Molly was, of course, nervous, but I was confident for her. After a quick lap around the Edinburgh area we parked up and it was time for Molly to do her thing. I waited for her to return to find out that she had passed first time delivering a really good drive. Well done.