Peebles Driving Instructor

Angus – Peebles Scottish Borders

Turning 17 during the covid lockdowns really delays how quickly you can get on the road. Angus was fortunate enough to have done a little bit of driving with his mum and when we began lessons had the basic skills mastered. We started by driving around Peebles and added in the manoeuvres that Angus might be asked to do during his driving test. He picked things up very quickly during the driving lessons and always had questions which helped with the learning as he made sure he had a plan for the average situation.

After driving around Peebles during driving lessons we decided that if we headed to Edinburgh there would be more challenges and a higher standard of driving could be developed. We looked at big roundabouts with multiple lanes and spirals. We also were regularly driving on the Edinburgh bypass which was great as in Peebles there wasn’t anything like that on offer. Angus was really lucky to find a theory test in Carlise which he travelled to and successfully passed. This set us up for sitting the driving test when he could find one.

After searching for cancellations Angus found a driving test in Galashiels, this was a new area for me and him but I agreed to go with him and we could go through a couple of times before his driving test to see what the area had to offer. We drove around not really knowing exactly where driving tests went but after practising in Edinburgh everything seemed pretty straightforward.

On the day of the driving test we headed through and carried out one last lap of the area, Angus drove really well and I am delighted to say he passed on his first attempt. Well done Angus it was great going out with you and thanks for choosing me as your driving instuctor.