summerhall driving lessons

The Plan That Helped Gemma Pass Her Driving Test in Edinburgh

Gemma got in touch about learning to drive after moving to Edinburgh to pursue a Masters at Edinburgh University. Staying in the Summerhall area, Gemma faced busy traffic in all directions. Fortunately, she had already done a good bit of driving with her dad, providing a solid foundation to build on.

After our first lesson, we assessed Gemma’s skills and devised a plan for moving forward. Gemma also used YouTube to consolidate her knowledge between lessons, which greatly helped her confidence and revision.

A few months into our lessons, Gemma’s Masters course began at King’s Buildings in Edinburgh. She needed to be there by 9:30 AM, so we scheduled lessons to start around 7:30 AM. Despite the early starts, Gemma’s persistence paid off as she steadily progressed. We carried out mock tests and continually adapted our focus.

As Gemma’s consistency grew, she secured a test date for late June. With a few weeks to prepare, we set a final plan and worked diligently. I was confident in Gemma’s readiness for the test, and I was right. Gemma passed her driving test on her first attempt at the Currie test centre in Edinburgh.

Congratulations, Gemma, on your fantastic achievement! Now you can navigate Edinburgh’s busy streets with ease and confidence.