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Isabel – West Linton – Scottish Borders


Isabel got in touch about learning to drive during the first covid lockdown in 2020. She was living in West Linton and having already held driving licences in New York and Puerto Rico she was now looking for a West Linton driving instructor to hopefully get her up to standard to go on and acquire her driving licence in the UK.

After going out with Isabel the first time it was clear that she had loads of amazing skills that we could build on and would really help with sitting her driving test. The only thing that Isabel didn’t have experience with was driving a manual car as the vehicles that he had driven in other countries had all been automatic. So on our first time going out I tried to explain how the clutch worked and we practised some basic clutch control. Isabel did really well and was always asking questions which really strengthened her understanding of things.

I was really impressed with how well Isabel was picking things up and in no time at all, we were driving from West Linton up into Edinburgh to try and find new challenges and bigger roundabouts to help with Isabel’s learning. Isabel had to return back to the states for a short time at the end of 2020 and then shortly after she returned a second lockdown which unfortunately stopped driving lessons was announced.

During the lockdown, Isabel watched some of the videos I have made and felt that they helped with her learning as everything just repeats its self. Once driving lessons resumed Isabel managed to get a driving test booked for the start of June. In the lead up to it, we went out a few more times perfecting small details Isabel did really well she hadn’t forgotten a thing. I was confident that she would do really well and she did just that passing in Edinburgh at the Currie driving test centre. This was very exciting news and gives her so much freedom as she can now come and go from West Linton whenever she pleases. Well done Isabel.

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