Alnwickhill driving lessons

Mariah – Alnwickhill Edinburgh

Mariah got in touch during the first lockdown and we worked out that we could begin driving lessons shortly after driving lessons resumed in September of 2020. Mariah was currently is staying in the Alnwickhill area of Edinburgh and in the past, she had another driving instructor who had driven around the Musselburgh area with her. She fancied a change of driving instructor and was happy to change to look at the Currie test area in Edinburgh. I am more comfortable driving around that area with people as I am very used to the common mistakes people make during driving lessons.

We quickly worked out what Mariah was feeling comfortable with and was managing fine on her own and then tried to set to work strengthening the other areas. After each driving lesson, we quickly discussed how she was feeling and what she felt comfortable with and what she didn’t. We built momentum pretty quickly trying to also vary the routes we took from and back to Alnwickhill, this usually would introduce lots of different challenges in the driving and keep things interesting.

Mariah was organised and very lucky to book her theory test and successfully pass that this meant nothing was stopping us from lining up the practical driving test when she was ready. As we started to pull the final bits together covid lockdowns and restrictions came back and interrupted us shutting all driving lessons down until further notice. This was a shame as we were really close to bringing the final details together.

The second lockdown seemed to last a lot longer than we all expected but Mariah kept watching some of the driving videos I had on my website. This seemed to be enough to keep her thinking about things and have her confident when driving lessons resumed.

We got a test booked for the beginning of June this gave us a few weeks to prepare, during this time we carried out a mock driving test and practised lots of uphill junctions, as the weeks went by and the test got closer I was really confident that Mariah was going to do really well.

I was absolutely delighted that on the day of Mariahs driving test, she managed to pass on her first attempt at the Currie test centre. Setting her up to come and go from Alnwickhill whenever she likes. Well done Mariah,


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