Edinburgh Driving Lessons: Currie Test Route 4

This is the fourth test route I have filmed in Edinburgh at the Currie driving test centre. There are many test routes that the driving examiner could choose to use but what you will soon see when watching these videos on my website is that it is the same scenarios that seem to interrupt you when out on the road.

Hopefully, by watching these videos you will slowly get used to the common things to look for then on the day of your driving test you will be a lot more prepared. This usually means that you won’t be that nervous about driving on the day.

I try to cover everything that I would go through with students during driving lessons and hopefully by watching this it will prepare you for your driving test fully. The main thing on the actual day is that you take your time. The examiner knows that you are new to driving and as long as you are smooth and plan everything out you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you have any questions please contact me through the contact section on my website.

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