Currie Roundabouts Independant Drive 1

By September 15, 2014 Calder Road

This video which I have made looks at the roundabouts on Calder road in Edinburgh. During your driving lessons in the Currie area you will usually spend a number of driving lessons mastering this road with your driving instructor. Hopefully this video will speed you up in getting to grips with which lanes you should use and why, and some of the unique features to the area like bus lanes and spiral round abouts.

In the Driving test you will do around about 10 minutes of independent driving. In this part of the test the driving examiner will often get you to follow signs to a destination (for example follow signs for Edinburgh) You just follow the signs for the selected destination, so when you come to the roundabout or junction you turn the way the signs tell you to. You dont need to have any knowledge as to where the destination is, you just follow the signs. If the junction or roundabout is not signposted then the driving examiner will tell you which way to go.

At the Currie Edinburgh driving test centre a high percentage of the driving test routes use Calder road for its independent driving so in this video look at the road coming from the driving test centre heading towards Edinburgh. The video begins with following signs for Edinburgh before changing to City Centre then to Slateford. Hopefully it all makes sense and will help you progress quickly during your driving lessons.