Bonaly Driving instructor

Megan – Bonaly Edinburgh

Looking to start driving lessons in the Bonaly area of Edinburgh Megan got in touch with me to see if there was any chance of us going out after the second covid lockdown. Megan didn’t have a driving instructor but had done lots of driving with her dad during the lockdown starting in the Bonaly estates then venturing further. The first time we went out it was great seeing what skills Megan already had and we just built on them. Megan regularly went out practising between our driving lessons this consolidated a lot of the things we covered and meant that the pace we moved through things was very fast.

Megan was due to be returning to university in Glasgow at the end of summer so we set our target to try and bring everything together and hopefully book a driving test in Edinburgh for before she left. Megan was really lucky and got a test booked for the end of August which worked with her timings. We came up with a plan of the things that to do during the remaining lessons that would make Megan feel confident for her test. On one of our lessons, we drove away through to Livingston including parts of the M8 motorway and lots of lanes and roundabouts to fully test Megan. She coped well with all of these challenges and each week seemed to be more relaxed and consistent.

Before we knew it test day was here and it was time to go and give it a go. I was really confident that Megan would be absolutely fine, of course, she was nervous as most people are but she did really well passing on her first attempt at the Currie test centre in Edinburgh. Well done Megan, she now has the freedom to drive between Glasgow and Bonaly as regularly as she likes.