driving instructor in Marchmont

The Path to Passing: Alex’s Summer Driving Challenge

Alex, a medical student at Edinburgh University, had just finished his third year and was determined to get his driving license this summer. Living in a flat in the Marchmont area of Edinburgh, he had a busy schedule working at the Royal Infirmary. However, we found a 7 am slot for lessons before his work hours, which fit perfectly with his routine.

Alex had already done a lot of driving with his dad, giving us a solid base to build on. During our first lesson, we drove around Marchmont before tackling more challenging areas. By the end of the lesson, we had a clear plan of what needed to be done to bring everything together.

Week by week, we covered new skills and fine-tuned existing ones. Alex was always enthusiastic and eager to learn, making sure he understood every part of the process. After a successful mock driving test, we decided it was time for Alex to book his practical test.

Alex found a test cancellation at the Currie test centre for two weeks later. This gave us enough time to iron out the final details and ensure he was fully prepared. On the day of his test, an early start meant there was no time for nerves. After a quality practice drive, Alex met his examiner and went out for his test.

When Alex returned, I was thrilled to hear that he had passed on his first attempt, earning compliments from the examiner. Well done, Alex!