driving instructor in roslin

Mastering the Basics and Gaining Confidence Behind the Wheel

Astrid from Roslin reached out about starting driving lessons, aiming to transform her long commute to Edinburgh’s city centre into a more manageable journey. Living on the outskirts of Edinburgh and working in the city, Astrid only had one bus option, making a driving license a crucial step toward greater freedom.

Having never driven before, we started on a quiet road just outside Roslin, covering the basics. By the end of that first lesson, Astrid successfully completed a lap of Roslin—a fantastic start. Weekly lessons followed, with Astrid’s enthusiasm and determination shining through as she steadily progressed.

As the weeks passed, Astrid booked, sat, and passed her theory test, freeing her to schedule a driving test whenever she felt ready. We conducted several mock driving tests to simulate real test conditions, helping Astrid build her confidence and handle any mistakes. This phase of reflection and focused improvement was pivotal in her development.

With each mock test, Astrid became more confident and proficient. After feeling everything was on track and consistent, she booked her driving test for an early morning slot in June. Despite waking up every hour the night before out of nervousness, Astrid remained awake and ready to show the examiner what she could do.

On the morning of her test, I collected Astrid at 6:30 am for a final practice session. She drove exceptionally well, and I was confident in her success. An hour later, she returned from the test with a pass and compliments from the examiner on her driving skills.

Well done, Astrid! Now, with her driving license in hand, Astrid has the freedom to come and go from Roslin as she pleases.