morningside learner driver

How a motorbike license holder mastered the car driving test with flying colours.

Martha reached out for driving lessons while I was already teaching her flatmate Heather. Given her flexible schedule, we quickly secured a spot for weekly sessions. Despite never having driven a car, Martha’s experience with motorbikes provided a solid foundation; she merely needed to adapt those skills to a different vehicle. My familiarity with motorbikes helped me tailor explanations in a way that resonated with her.

Progress was swift as Martha’s prior road experience enhanced her learning curve, particularly with anticipatory skills often challenging for novices. We concentrated on roundabouts to boost her confidence and practised manoeuvres until they were consistently executed with precision.

After conducting several mock tests to assess readiness, only one hurdle remained: Martha had yet to pass her theory test, a prerequisite for the driving exam. Temporarily pausing lessons, this brief intermission was quickly resolved when Martha secured a cancellation for her theory test, keeping us on track without disrupting our lesson schedule. Following one more mock test, we found ourselves ready for the actual driving test, which Martha had managed to book due to a cancellation, now only weeks away.

In the final lesson before the test, we focused on refining her skills. Despite Martha’s nerves on the day of the test, her competence was undeniable. After our last-minute practice, we arrived at the test centre with anticipation. Left in the company of fellow instructors during her exam, the wait was worth it: Martha passed on her first attempt. Congratulations, Martha, on your remarkable achievement.