George square Edinburgh driving lessons

Leah – George Square – Edinburgh

After starting driving lessons in Edinburgh with another driving instructor Leah was unhappy with the progress she was making. She told me that on most driving lessons she was driven right across town to a more suitable area fro learning but it took around half the lessons time up. This didn’t sound great and also would make progress extremely slow and expensive.

Someone I had taught a few years earlier currently worked with Leah and told her to give myself a try, we managed to fir her in to begin in September last year. after going out we figured out what skills Leah already had and built on them quickly. Regularly carrying out lessons most weeks Leah progressed steadily. She was lucky enough to find and book a driving theory test not long after we began driving lessons.

We had everything set with a driving test booked for January 2021, then as we got towards the end of December the news of a second Covid lockdown in Scotland was announced. This was very disappointing as we were all set for it. Leah did something very sensible though and bought a car which she could practice and perfect things in while driving lessons were stopped. This made a huge difference to her driving and when lessons in Edinburgh resumed in April the level she was at was really good.

Leah managed to get her driving test rescheduled for July 2021 which she passed with ease on the day. Well done enjoy tour freedom

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