West Linton Driving Instructor

Megan – West Linton – Scottish Borders

Megan began driving lessons after the first lockdown, she was really enthusiastic about driving and determined to practice things until she had them perfect. Megan was used to dancing and with that often needed to learn different routines and coordinations so understood that parts of driving would be the same.

We really built momentum quickly and in between driving lessons Megan got to practice regularly with her mum and dad. This really brought things together quickly as Megan would often go and practice things that we had covered in previous lessons.

As the end of 2020 neared Megan’s driving was coming together fast, the only problem was trying to find and book a theory test was very difficult. Megan was lucky enough to find a date in Edinburgh in February which was still far away but at least we had a date. Then the second lockdown hit in Scotland. This stopped all driving instructors from taking lessons until further notice.

While driving lessons were stopped Megan still got to do some practice with her mum and dad around the West Linton area which helped keep things moving. When things did resume in April 2021 we started to get things organised. Megan, unfortunately, had to try and find another theory test date after hers getting cancelled. She managed to find one in York which she made a small trip out of which was also a success as she passed! Now it was onto the next test. Megan managed to find one a few weeks later which was very exciting.

With the test not far away we really concentrated in our final lessons to bring the final details together. I was absolutely thrilled on the day that Megan managed to pass on her first attempt giving her freedom for the summer to come and go from West Linton as often as she likes. Well done.


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