Morningside driving lessons

Andrew – Morningside Edinburgh

Andrew got in touch about starting driving lessons, unfortunately, at the time everything was such a mess from the coronavirus lockdowns. I didn’t have any space that would work for him so couldn’t begin straight away. Andrew said he was happy to wait. We finally managed to begin driving lessons at the start of Summer, we had an early morning time slot at 0700am this suited Andrew as he could get his driving lesson done and then be back at his flat in Morningside in time to begin work.

Andrew had previously carried out some driving lessons with a couple of other driving instructors so we had some skills that we could build on, we began by really fine-tuning the clutch control, focusing a lot on uphill junctions as in my opinion that is one of the most important skills in driving, you tend to find once someone can do that effortlessly then it becomes just a case of following the rules from there.

Going out each week Andrew was progressing steadily and living in the Morningside area of Edinburgh there was always tricky situations that we would come across from lesson to lesson.

The next challenge was trying to find a theory test that Andrew could book and sit as availability for that was very limited and there didn’t seem to be anything in the Edinburgh area. Andrew managed to find one down south which he could incorporate into a trip when visiting family so that worked well. After successfully sitting and passing that test it was now time to get a test lined up in Edinburgh.

We had a driving test booked for November and started working towards it, as we got closer we decided that Andrew could do absolutely everything but we needed a little bit more consistency, so we agreed that moving his driving test back a few weeks and hopefully we could get skills up one more level. This worked and I was extremely confident as we arrived on the day for Andrew’s driving test. On return from his test, I was thrilled to hear Andrew had passed on his first attempt. Well done, Andrew is now free to come and go from Morningside whenever he likes.