Edinburgh Driving Lessons Independent drive

By September 17, 2014 Calder Road

In this Edinburgh driving lesson video I look at  Calder road, this is used in a lot of the Currie test routes. During the 40 minute driving test you will do roughly about 10 minutes of independent driving which will hopefully been explained to you during your driving lessons.  This is where the driving examiner will get you to follow signs or directions. Don’t worry if you don’t have knowledge to where the destination that you have been asked to follow is, it will be clearly sign posted and if not the driving examiner will tell you where you need to go.

During your Edinburgh driving lessons with your instructor you will probably practice Calder road a lot if you are sitting your driving test in Currie. In this video I am going to follow signs for Kilmarnock and the Currie and Balerno, hopefully by watching this video it will speed you up in Edinburgh driving lessons and get you feeling confident for your driving test.

If you were to go the wrong way during your independent driving as long as you have taken the turn correctly then everything will be okay for example, if you were meant to have gone straight on at the roundabout but you turned left because you had read the sign incorrectly and you checked your mirrors and signaled left on approach then the driving examiner will not be worried. What then will happen is they will direct you back onto the driving test route and then you can continue. If however you were to approach the roundabout and panic and change your mind and turn right while signaling left then this would not be good as you are going the wrong way but doing so incorrectly so could result in a fail of the driving test depending how wrong it is. Basically if you are unsure just ask the examiner just like you do when you are on driving lessons with you instructor.