Possibly one of the hardest driving test routes I personally feel they have at the Currie driving test centre in Edinburgh. It would be a very good idea to include some of these parts in your driving lessons with your instructor as being comfortable with each bit should really increase your chances on the day of your driving test.

The route was filmed at 8am in the morning, this means that the bus lanes which I come across I remain outwith them as they are in action at that point so cars are not allowed to drive through them. Bus lanes are in action from 0730am-0930am in the morning and 4pm-6:30pm in the evening in Edinburgh at the moment. The route leaves Currie heading down through Calder Road then weaving its way down to Carrick Knowe, after looping through some estates it heads towards Corsprphine passing the McDonalds on Glasgow Road. The route then drives along Glasgow Road, Under GOgar Roundabout then turns left up Gogar Station. From Gogar Station it heads back up to the Currie test centre.

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