oxgangs instructor

From Oxgangs to the open road: How dedication and early mornings led to driving test triumph.

Sarah from Oxgangs, Edinburgh, embarked on her journey to learn to drive right after concluding her university studies. Working full-time with a flexible schedule allowed her to fit driving lessons into her early mornings, usually between 7-9 am. The summer mornings were an ideal time due to the light and tranquillity. As a complete novice, Sarah’s driving adventure began on a serene street close to her home, where she was introduced to the basics of starting, stopping, and gear shifting. Displaying quick adaptability and determination, Sarah mastered the initial skills with ease.

Progressing rapidly, Sarah tackled more complex tasks in subsequent lessons, including navigating busy junctions and making a circuit around Morningside, an area known for its demanding driving conditions due to constant activity. Her positive attitude and eagerness to learn were evident throughout.

As weeks turned into a comprehensive exploration of the driving syllabus, Sarah’s proficiency grew, but so did the focus on refining her consistency. Post-lesson discussions became a ritual, planning for the next steps and preparing for a mock driving test, which provided valuable insights into Sarah’s readiness and areas needing improvement. Adjusting the strategy accordingly, we aimed for Sarah to be fully prepared for her actual driving test.

The booking of the driving test was a pivotal moment, setting a concrete goal for Sarah. Intensive practice sessions followed, tailored to address any lingering issues. On the day of the test, a final practice run showed Sarah’s calm and consistent driving, promising signs for the challenge ahead. At the test centre in Currie, after bidding her luck, I awaited her return. The sight of Sarah returning with the examiner, followed by the news of her passing, was great and made my day.

Celebrating her success, Sarah shared the timely news of a new job she was starting in just three days, which her newly acquired driving skills would greatly complement. This achievement not only marks a significant milestone for Sarah but also equips her with the freedom to navigate life from Oxgangs with ease. Congratulations, Sarah, on your well-deserved success.