south side

Before the sun rises over Edinburgh, Sarah proves her driving prowess and earns her license.

Sarah reached out after discovering my instructional videos on YouTube. Despite being a novice, she had been practising extensively with her boyfriend and had acquired a considerable skill set. Residing on the opposite side of Edinburgh from my usual area, we compromised on meeting in Morningside, which worked well for both of us. From our initial drive, it was evident that Sarah possessed a range of impressive abilities, and it wouldn’t require much effort to refine and organize her skills systematically.

We embarked on a comprehensive training plan to solidify her foundational driving skills, fine-tuning some areas while enhancing others. Sarah was receptive to adopting new techniques and methodologies, demonstrating significant progress. After several sessions, we progressed to a mock driving test, which Sarah handled admirably, though a few areas needed improvement. However, it was clear she was almost ready for the actual test.

I advised Sarah on how to search for earlier driving test cancellations in Edinburgh, and she quickly secured a slot for the upcoming month, eventually finding an even earlier date for a test scheduled at 7 am. Although I had never conducted a test at such an early hour, we were both eager to proceed. We planned to start our final practice session at 5:30 am on the day of her test.

As the test week approached, I prepared for our early start, setting my alarm for 4:30 am to ensure I was ready to pick up Sarah. The streets of Edinburgh were exceptionally quiet and well-lit in the early morning, providing ideal conditions for our practice session.

Arriving early at the test centre, I waited anxiously as Sarah took her test. The moment she returned, having passed without any significant issues, confirmed that our early efforts were well worth it. Congratulations, Sarah, on your successful first attempt at the driving test!