Craiglockhart driving instructors

Experience Daniel’s pursuit of driving independence as he navigates through lessons, tests, and the road to obtaining his driver’s license

After successfully helping Daniel’s older sister Hannah onto the road a few years back in Craiglockhart, it was now Daniel’s turn to embark on his driving journey. Starting from scratch, our first lesson focused on mastering the basics: starting, stopping, and clutch control. Daniel showed promising coordination skills right from the start.

Balancing his final year at school with driving lessons, Daniel managed to carve out time during free periods to fit in his driving practice. Each week, we made steady progress, with Daniel always eager to clarify any doubts and ensure he grasped every aspect of driving.

As Daniel applied for Law at university, his focus temporarily shifted to aptitude test preparations, delaying his theory test. Nonetheless, he continued to refine his driving skills, benefiting from additional practice sessions with his mum, which exposed him to varied driving scenarios and routes.

Once Daniel completed his theory test, we found ourselves nearing the end of the year. Despite the holiday season approaching, Daniel didn’t want to rush into booking his driving test. We agreed that with consistent practice and the possibility of a test cancellation, he’d be ready with just one more session.

With prelims in January and another vacation in February, Daniel eventually booked his driving test for the first week of March. Our last practice session the week before the test reaffirmed Daniel’s readiness. Despite the added challenge of driving a different car on test day due to unforeseen circumstances, Daniel adapted well, and as we arrived at the test centre, I had full confidence in his abilities.

True to expectations, Daniel passed his driving test on the first attempt with only one minor fault. A commendable performance indeed. Congratulations, Daniel!