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Navigating Morningside and Beyond to Driving Test Triumph

Angelique embarked on her journey to becoming a confident driver in the summer of 2023. Despite residing on the other side of Edinburgh, she eagerly travelled to Morningside for her driving lessons, showcasing her commitment to learning. With Mondays typically free from work commitments, it became the ideal time to hone her driving skills.

During our initial lesson, we focused on mastering the fundamentals – from basic manoeuvres to clutch control. Angelique displayed a positive attitude and a determination to refine her abilities, laying a strong foundation for future lessons.

As our sessions progressed, we navigated through bustling areas like Morningside, aiming to enhance Angelique’s planning abilities and her response to various driving scenarios. Supplementing her lessons, Angelique also practised driving with friends and family, further bolstering her experience behind the wheel.

Upon passing her theory test, we intensified our focus on preparing for the practical test, particularly addressing challenges like roundabouts where Angelique sought consistency. Through dedicated practice and tailored guidance, she achieved remarkable progress, demonstrating control and confidence in handling diverse driving situations.

With the test date set, and despite the uncertainty of which car would be available due to repairs, Angelique remained unfazed. On the day of her driving test, she effortlessly adapted to the courtesy car, showcasing her adaptability and readiness. Our final practice session before the test reaffirmed my confidence in her abilities, and true to form, Angelique delivered a commendable performance, earning praise from the examiner. Congratulations, Angelique, on this significant achievement!