Edinburgh driving lessons

Grace – Morningside Edinburgh

Grace began driving lessons at the same time that she was starting her final year at Boroughmuir High School in Edinburgh. Grace had never driven before but picked up a lot on her first driving lesson. After going out weekly on a Friday afternoon for a few weeks Grace’s mum got a car that Grace would be able to practice in addition to our weekly driving lessons. This was brilliant as Grace really did bring things together very quickly. We progressed quickly and needed Grace to get her theory test sat and passed as we were bringing things together steadily and hopefully we would be able to line up a test in Edinburgh very soon. With so much other work happening in Grace’s final year we took a break from lessons agreeing that as soon as the theory test was completed we would bring the final things together and hopefully have Grace on the road as soon as possible. Grace managed to pass her theory test and we had a driving test at the Currie test centre in Edinburgh lined up for the end of January. Grace was hoping to be able to drive for February as she had a work placement that driving was going to make commuting so much easier. We did one final practice and turned up to the driving test centre where Grace did amazingly well. Passing her driving test on her first attempt and managing to get her driving licence in time for her February placement.