Jennifer Currie, test success at Currie, Edinburgh

Jennifer – Roslin Midlothian

Jennifer got in touch about starting driving lessons, living in Roslin on the outskirts of Edinburgh learning to drive would make a big difference to her. The public transport is limited in Roslin and relying on lifts to get places isn’t as independent as she would like to be.

With big plans to move to Australia in September 2014, Jennifer, who had never driven before, had a  deadline to meet. We started practising in Roslin, there were some ideal housing estates to drive around with lots of tricky junctions to try and perfect the basic driving skills. It wasn’t long before it was time to progress and take Jennifer’s skills to the next level.

We decided that the Edinburgh Currie driving test centre was going to be the best place to sit her test, the waiting lists tend to be better in Edinburgh compared to Peebles.

After doing many driving lessons in and around the Edinburgh and Currie area Jennifer sat her driving test in July and went on to pass first time. This was great as she had got it done before her big trip to Austalia.

Some Driving Videos That Might Help With Lessons