Driving Lessons Currie

Rachel – Currie Edinburgh

Rachel began driving lessons at the beginning of summer 2014 and after finishing school realized that this would be a huge achievement to add to her existing qualifications. I had already taught a couple of her friends to drive so Rachel was my next challenge to see if we could have the same success that her friends had had.

Living in the test area, Rachel was familiar with many roads in the surrounding areas. Some of the driving test routes in Currie actually go right past the door of her house, so from day one we were driving on roads that she may well possibly be examined on

With regular practice doing driving lessons weekly and going out driving with her mum things started to come together as we expected. When it came to the day of the driving test I was very confident that she would do well. Rachel was no longer nervous about driving and had the consistency needed for driving now. Rachel went on to pass her driving test first time getting this added skill before she starts travelling. Well done.

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