edinburgh driving lessons

Sara – West Linton

Sara got in touch at the start of this year she had recently moved from Edinburgh down to West Linton. Sara had┬ádecided that having a driving licence would be such a help as the West Linton bus service was limited and didn’t have as many options as the Edinburgh buses that she was used to. We started by driving lessons in March and on our first outing we drove down to Penicuik, Sara did really well she told me that she had taken a few lessons over time but never really made as much progress as she would have liked. We were going out weekly in the evenings. We were focusing on driving into and around Edinburgh during Sara’s driving lessons as we were hoping to sit the driving test there once Sara was ready. Each week Sara seemed to progress and was really bringing things together! We tried a mock driving test which had a lot of good things in it but a little bit of practice was still required. This wasn’t a problem as we now had a very clear list of things that we needed to fix. Sara was determined and booked a driving test for mid July. As July approached quickly we picked up our pace but were happy that everything was going well and Sara was becoming very consistent. On the day of the driving test I Sara said that she felt very nervous but during our drive before the test appeared to drive very well just like we had practiced! Sara did really well passing her driving test first time with only three faults! She is now free to come and go from West Linton whenever she feels. Well done Sara.